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Case Study: Diabetes Singapore

Diabetes Singapore (DS) is a non-profit organization that provides diabetes awareness, education, counselling and support to people with diabetes, their family members and the public, which helps empower them to become better equipped to achieve a healthy and productive life. DS Mission is to provide service to people with diabetes and others interested in diabetes; undertake activities that promote the general well-being of people with diabetes or tending towards diabetes; strive to remove prejudice and ignorance concerning diabetes.
DS Objectives. In Singapore they operate out of three branches and host a mobile van unit.

DS upgraded their telephony systems and setup their nation-wide helpline using Crux Labs’ open-source based solution. This has improved collaboration between all its centres and enabled the much needed ability to access channel partners. It has also made it easy for patients to make use of DS offering. There is benefit in DS spend through perpetual monthly cost savings, with a payback period of less than a year, at a fraction of cost of other commercial solutions.

This case study was jointly undertaken by Diabetes Singapore and Crux Labs encapsulating the business and technology challenges, various considerations, previous and implemented solution design and deployment model.

Full case-study can be downloaded here.

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