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Crux LX –

Make your office phone lines remote-ready for customers and staff

Connect up to 250 employees across offices and continents using a single Crux unit or multiple daisy-chained units, allowing your teams to talk to customers, across geographies – as secure local calls. Crux does not involve monthly per user charges. Just buy once and use for free for life. Use your existing phone lines – be it analog, digital, or GSM.


All-inclusive Office Communication-in-a-Box

Boon for multi-branch or global businesses

Coordinate effectively across the globe

Add extensions for all your employees and teams, allowing them to talk to customers and each other effectively and securely.

  • Connect employees across cities and countries, HQ and branch offices, using dedicated extensions without laying cables or buying phone instruments.
  • Re-use existing infrastructure and smartphones or laptops to connect to Crux and build your own CUG and department codes.
  • Unify PBX, Conferencing, Voicemail, Fax and Paging into one Crux system allowing your teams to consolidate all forms of communication and improve performance.

Crux gives wings to your staff, globally

Work remotely from home or anywhere!

Maintain business continuity using Crux and remote working employees, even for your office landlines that are fixed in office. Crux allows employees to make and receive calls on office landlines – be it PSTN, ISDN or GSM – without being physically in the office.

  • Create remote users globally, who can connect to Crux telephony system without being present at office. Allowing users and employees to make and receive calls while on the go.
  • Calls between your staff, irrespective of location, are free, whether within the office or across the continents.
  • Monitor and track customer conversations using Crux monitoring and reporting features to maintain quality and track performance.

Forget about per user monthly costs

Unlimited Everything, quite literally!

Crux is on-premise and takes advantage of open-source software – what this means is there is no limitation on the number of users you can add or calls you can make on Crux systems. Truly unlimited!

  • Unlimited Users, every unit comes with support for up to 250 users. Add another unit and you are good for another 250. What’s more? Multiple Crux units, even across geographies, can be daisy-chained to establish free interconnect between customers and staff. Want to provide 24×7 support for global customers with a split team across multiple countries? No problem!
  • Unlimited Extensions, Phone lines and DID Numbers, and every user gets an extension, personal IVR, voicemail and conference bridge.
  • Unlimited IVR and Call Queues, create as many call automation as you require. Add multiple levels of IVR or route calls based on priority.

Move to an enterprise-grade

on-premise Call Centre and Office Phone System now!