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November 14, 2017 admin

Built on Open Source Crux Labs launches Smart Router Platform for Unified Communications

US, Singapore, India, – 14 November 2017: Crux Labs, headquartered in Singapore, today announced the general availability of Crux LX, a smart router platform for Unified Communications. The scalable and modular design provides organizations with a cost effective mobile router and IP-PBX platform which can be leveraged by its employees in office as well as while on the move. Crux LX helps its customers create a communication backbone which helps in building a better connected and empowered workforce; improving efficiency thus, creating differentiated value for their end users. 

WhatsApp like platform connecting employees instantly offering complete flexibility; Over 1000 users have benefited as of date

Today, the most prominent challenges that Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) face are lowering operating costs, acquiring/retaining customers, improving workforce productivity while enhancing customer intimacy. Speed to response is critical to create a seamless customer experience. Businesses need a unified communications platform which can integrate real-time communication services such as chat, voice, extension mobility, audio & video conferencing, data sharing, and call control with non-real-time e-mail and SMS over the Internet. Crux LX is very uniquely positioned to address these requirements by enabling organizations to respond quickly to their end users.

“As wireless technologies are catching up in every walk of life, with everyone carrying a mobile device, Crux Labs has demonstrated a cost-effective solution which makes it easy for SMB’s to setup a communication system without any infrastructure and people costs.” said Ramesh Datla, Managing Director, Elico Ltd.

Adding further, Ramesh said “We are very excited to partner with Crux Labs since it offered us a feature rich platform totally tailored to our requirements. We want to inter-connect all our offices across different geographies. We have deployed it in India offices across Hyderabad, Mysore and Chennai and plan to deploy in Dubai shortly. With Crux LX deployment, we have eliminated the need for long-distance calling between Elico office locations.”

Crux LX is designed to accelerate the work of enterprise users by providing easy, secure access to an all-in-one device which doubles up as a Router & IP-PBX and can be powered by a battery bank when on the move. This opens endless possibilities in the way this device can be used in travel industry, on road, in the air and over water.

The Crux LX platform helps,

  • Integrate with existing handheld devices – Crux LX integrates employee handsets with the router platform to create an interface that facilitates collaboration anytime, anywhere. For example, an employee will no longer miss important calls because he was not at his desk to receive the same.
  • Create a connected and empowered workforce – Access to continuous connectivity and real-time information boosts employee productivity as well as helps deliver better customer experience.
  • Provides a cost effective, flexible and easy to use device – Helps serve consumer needs through a single device, without requiring cables and instruments, at a fraction of cost that customers currently pay for dated and fragmented technology. The easy to navigate graphic interface allows new users, applications and services to be easily added to this platform, without requiring hardware upgrades or dependence on vendors for technology management.

“Simplifying technology and making it consumable and affordable is the vision that Crux Labs lives by. With that vision, we have innovated using free and open-source software and hardware, to develop a platform that can be easily integrated with other applications, has made Crux LX probably the first router that is customizable and open. It opens immense opportunities for application integration with voice as well as AI and IoT space. Eventually, Crux LX will become a marketplace of applications that will be relevant for SMBs.” said Rohit Gupta, Founder, Crux Labs.

Elaborating further, he added “Crux LX unlocks immense value for its end users making it suitable not just for mapping unified communications needs but also for application integration.”

The launch has also coincided with acceptance of Crux LX on Kickstarter platform as part of a crowd funding campaign that has started receiving support from backers.

Crux Labs on Kickstarter


Try LIVE demo of Crux LX Smart Router

The demo provides a first-hand experience of voice quality along with live routing of calls, along with multiple features in-use, like, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Auto Call Distribution, Time Groups and Schedules, GSM & SIP Trunking, Ring Groups and Voicemail. Dial +65 8303 4332 to try the GSM trunk or dial +1 408 498 9040 to try the SIP trunk.

About Crux Labs

Crux Labs is a Singapore-based technology startup focused on building IT products that simplify technology, in an innovative yet cost effective way, resulting in solutions that are quick to deploy and self serviced by users. Crux LX is our first product, a Smart Router & Unified Communication platform.

 Media Contacts

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