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September 12, 2018 admin

Crux Labs supports inaugural World Restorative Innovation Forum at INSEAD

We are very familiar with Disruptive Innovation model. A disruptive innovation, is ironically considered good from a business perspective. But, will the disruption be good for the humanity, is a question that requires deep thought. Typically the word disruption carries a negative connotation – and rightly so, it causes the normal order to cease – which in turn causes concerns, turmoil amongst people (for example, a cab aggregator disrupts the cab space – creates concern amongst existing cabbies survival), because it suddenly becomes about one entity that is disrupting the space, instead of the interests of the collective ecosystem.

What is RI? Restorative Innovation is an innovation theory put forth by Prof. Virginia Cha and curated by Jovan Tan, that forms the basis of a robust innovation economic model that is used to predict & explain a certain pattern of innovation-driven growth for innovative solutions that does not harm our health, humanity and environment.

Professor Virginia Cha is the creator of Restorative Innovation. She is a highly sought-after Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, with concurrent appointments as Professor-in-Residence, Platform E, Adjunct Professor at INSEAD, NUS Business School, SMART (Singapore MIT Alliance for Research & Technology) and Lean Launchpad@Singapore.

Jovan Tan was the first individual to be introduced to the concept of Restorative Innovation and it strongly resonates with him. Feeling convinced of how Restorative Innovation can positively impact the world, Jovan decided to lead a movement and to advocate it while at the same time, working closely with Prof Virginia Cha to advance its body of knowledge.

What is Crux Labs involvement with RI?

Crux Labs is a RI champion and more can be read about it here and here.

What does the RI team want to accomplish? To transform how entrepreneurial business leaders should think about innovation and to advocate for the use of Restorative Innovation as a unifying innovation principle to not only guide these leaders in their innovation practice but to positively inspire & influence how innovation & entrepreneurship is viewed by the general public.

What is World RI Forum? On 17th September 2018 in INSEAD Singapore, the inaugural World Restorative Innovation Forum will take place. The forum aims to change the narrative on innovation for the good by introducing concept, stories, and possibilities around a new innovation model termed Restorative Innovation, doing good for the humanity, health, and environment. The speakers lined up for the event are from UN, WEF, WWF, and other prominent organizations as noted in the EDM below.

What should you and I do? Participate in the forum and become RI champions and vow to make and grow profitable but sustainable organizations that restore order and not disrupt humanity. You can get your tickets here.


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