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Find responses to common questions here.
For anything else, write to us.

How does Crux LX work?

Crux LX is a plug-and-play device as it comes pre-configured for most common needs. It just needs to be powered on, and like any other Access Point (AP) or router, its wireless radio or SSID (as described on the box) is available for devices to connect. For it to connect to internet it needs a wired ethernet (RJ45) connector coming from your cable or fiber modem, as you would with any other AP or router. For voice communication, Crux LX acts like a SIP server. To start making calls, you could download any of the SIP client application or softphone application that accepts three inputs: Extension number, Password and IP Address of Crux LX. These three credentials allow a SIP client to register with Crux LX and you are ready to call one another!

How many users can each unit of Crux LX device manage?

Each Crux LX unit can connect up to 250 users though one can configure thousands of extensions on a single unit, if the unit is being used only as an IP-PBX and not as a data router. Browsing needs and patterns can be very different, especially if audio visual content is permissible. The limiting factor however is the expected concurrency. Each Crux LX unit can support up to 20 concurrent conversations with g729 codec in a passthrough mode. This number may vary depending on the transcoding required to be done based on endpoints used. However, you may require multiple Crux LX devices if you expect to connect more than 250 users or require more concurrency. You may also require some additional access points to span the space to connect large number of users who may have a mixed usage (Crux LX as well as regular browsing needs).

Does Crux LX require internet?

Internet is not a requirement for Crux LX when operating autonomously, say for example when Crux LX is being used as a Wireless Intercom. However, when SIP trunks or multiple Crux LX devices are to be inter-networked to connect multiple branch offices, then internet will be required and quality / bandwidth of internet connection will be of importance. It will play a significant role in quality of voice and service delivered by Crux LX for communication over such channels. You may also require some additional networking components based on such use cases.

How much area does the WiFi radio on Crux LX cover?

Crux LX has a circular internal antenna. In our tests, beta trials and few customer deployments, the coverage ranges between 20 – 30 meters spherical radius. However, wireless signal can vary drastically based on construction and use of glass and metal. Typically scaling beyond one floor above or below, or 10,000 square feet of horizontal space will require additional Wireless Repeaters or Access Points. Crux LX pairs well with D-Link DIR-816 which is an inexpensive router (retails for $40-50) that works well as a repeater that provides good ground coverage and well suited for this use.

How do I reach Crux Labs to help me make an assessment of my needs?

You can reach us in multiple ways. You can fill up a brief questionnaire that will get the responses to Crux Labs. You will likely receive a response within 24 hours. You could take the assessment here. Alternatively, you could have a Live Chat with us if we are online, or directly request for Demo keys (emailed within 24 hours) here for a self-assisted demo you could try, or simply drop us a note from our Contact section here.

How much area does the WiFi radio on Crux LX cover?

Crux LX has a circular internal antenna. In our tests, beta trials and few customer deployments, the coverage ranges between 20 – 30 meters spherical radius. However, wireless signal can vary drastically based on construction and use of glass and metal. Typically scaling beyond one floor above or below, or 10,000 square feet of horizontal space will require additional Wireless Repeaters or Access Points. Crux LX pairs well with D-Link DIR-816 which is an inexpensive router (retails for $40-50) that works well as a repeater that provides good ground coverage and well suited for this use.

What power sources and how much power does Crux LX require?

Crux LX requires 2.5A, 5.1V over a Micro USB B type port.

Crux LX is shipped with a Universal Power Supply 2.5A, 5.1V, Micro USB B, with a non-detachable 1.5m Cable.

Power banks and android mobile phone chargers that support output of 2A / 2.5A (fast charging) can power up Crux LX unit too. At Crux Labs, we use a battery bank with a 2A port option for demo purposes all the time. A 5,000 mAh battery bank keeps Crux LX unit powered up for 6-8 hours, depending upon number of devices (GSM dongles, USB drives, etc) connected to it.

What trunk lines does Crux LX support?

  • Does Crux LX support PSTN trunk (landlines)?

Crux LX works in conjunction with various other devices and technologies. At this time, PSTN/POTS (Landline) interface with Crux LX is supported but not offered since the interfacing dongle we are currently dependent on is not cost effective. And, given that PSTN is an old technology soon to be overtaken by SIP, we have prioritized having SIP support along with GSM, that benefits more number of customers. Please get in touch with us if you have a pressing need for PSTN/POTS support and are willing to shell out a few hundred bucks to get this support.

  • Does Crux LX support GSM trunks?

Crux LX can support multiple GSM trunks via a 3G to USB modem dongle. We have standardized on Huawei E1750/E1752 dongle as it supports simultaneous use of voice and data, and has undergone multi-tude of tests in the lab with Crux LX. You may directly procure the 3G modem or procure it from Crux Labs at a nominal. If you wish to use the dongle for data only (not voice calling), then theoretically, any 3G dongle should work with Crux LX, though we do not have the means and access to test different dongles. We recommend use of Huawei E1750/E1752.

  • Does Crux LX support SIP trunks?

Crux LX can support multiple SIP trunks, from across the globe. We support SIP trunks over public internet, VPN or even loopback configurations, like Singtel in Singapore. Crux LX is Certified by Singtel. We also resell SIP trunks as authorized partners of Singtel, MyRepublic, Hoiio, Teli.net and SIPTrunk.com covering geographies of North America and South East Asia. It is a living list hence, please subscribe to our mailing list to stay tuned to latest updates.

Do all users require a Smart Phone to access voice features of Crux LX?

Crux LX eliminates the need for additional instruments for voice communication. The easiest and convenient way is for users to use their Smart Phones (iOS or Android). However, depending on the need, the other supported options are – Wired SIP phones (may require additional networking equipment like Switches), Wireless SIP Phones, Tabs, Desktops/Laptops/Mac. Crux Labs is authorized reseller for some of the common brands of IP phones like Grandstream and Yealink. Stay tuned to our updates as this list is updated from time to time.

Can I use Crux LX to connect multiple offices or connect when not in office?

Crux LX is capable of forming a closed loop communication amongst a group of trusted Crux LX devices over internet. This is done via Inter Asterisk Exchange setup that is supported by Crux LX. When deployed in this configuration, your New York office can call London office as though making a call within office though it will be routed over internet. This can be made secure by use of VPN software. Individual users can also connect to the Crux LX device in their office, even when not in office but connected to internet. In such a scenario, the user can make and receive calls even from outside, as though they were still present in office.

Can I experience a live demo of Crux LX?

Yes, a live demo of Crux LX is currently available. The demo unit has both SIP and GSM trunks connected. The demo can be consumed in two ways:

  1. By directly dialing the trunk lines hosted on Crux LX, you’ll get to experience the IVR (Auto Attendant), Time Groups, Time Schedules, Trunk lines, Call Distribution, Ring Groups, Voicemail, Conference and experience the overall call quality over external connections.
  2. By requesting demo keys for users that will allow you to register as a remote user on the same Demo unit – so you can make user-to-user calls as well as try making outgoing calls from the connected trunk lines.

At any given time, we usually have Singapore GSM trunk and two SIP trunks – one each from Singapore and US/Canada connected to it. The numbers are indicated as “(Demo)” in our Contact section and mentioned in the email that one receives when Demo keys are requested.

Which SIP clients does Crux LX support?

Crux LX works well with IP phones with live installations using Grandstream GXP1610/1615 and Linksys IP phones, as well as softphone clients like Linphone, Zoiper, GS Wave, GroundWire, etc. We recommend Zoiper given its tidy interface and capability to integrate chat and video calling through the same interface. Zoiper also delivers best in class voice quality. Linphone also performs well and has convenient and easy to use call forwarding and call conferencing feature on the dialpad screen that comes in very handy. It also allows multiple profiles to exist, which is quite useful when you wish to have one profile while in office and another that allows you to connect over internet, when you are not in office network.

What free and open source software does Crux LX use?

Crux LX in current form is fully built using open source hardware and software. The hardware uses a Raspberry Pi® board and the software includes Debian® operating system and a large set of software that accompanies the Debian® 2.8 distribution. Some of the key FOSS components that support the unified communication and management functionality are Asterisk®, FreePBX®, Chan_Dongle, and RaspAP Web GUI. These are being used under the realms of GPL, AGPL and LGPL licences. At Crux Labs, we have glued it all together along with our own set of modifications that have made Crux LX an easy to use and manageable device. Crux LX is Crux Labs’ attempt to make open source work for non-techies in a way that is simplified, easy to manage and cost effective as compared to other commercial products available in the market. This endeavour could not be possible without the large community of open source contributors world-wide that has offered us this opportunity to make open-source consumable for the society.

Trademarks and Copyrights – Raspberry Pi®, Debian®, Asterisk®, FreePBX® are respective registered trademarks of Raspberry Pi Foundation, Public Interest, Inc., Digium, Inc., and Sangoma Technologies.

How much storage is available on Crux LX device?

Crux LX comes with different internal storage options starting from 16GB right up to 1TB. About 4GB of space is used by Crux LX software image. Remaining space is free to use for Call Detail Records (CDR), Call Recordings, Voicemail and backups, that can also be downloaded to a laptop/desktop from time to time.

What ports are available on Crux LX and what is their use?

Crux LX has:

  1. 1 x 10/100Mbps Ethernet port
  2. 4 x USB 2.0 ports
  3. 1 x Composite/Audio port (disabled)
  4. 1 x HDMI port (disabled)
  5. 1 x Micro USB port – for Power

The 4x USB ports can be converted into WAN (default, no config needed, plug-n-play) or LAN (small config needed) ports as per need. Once converted as LAN ports, a bridge configuration can be easily created under DHCP to connect wired devices including a network switch to further increase the number of LAN ports.

Does Crux LX support DLNA® streaming?

Yes, any USB dongle with audio and video content on it, when connected to USB ports on your Crux LX, will appear as a DLNA source on DLNA-enabled players or directory services on android, windows and iOS/Mac platforms. The folder appears as “Crux LX Media Server” with sub folders “Browse Folders”, “Music”, “Video” and “Pictures”.

What is the warranty on Crux LX?

Crux LX comes with 1 year “carry-in” warranty on the hardware from invoice date. We provide repair or replace warranty usually honored within 24 hours. There are no warranties on the software as we largely use open-source and dependent on communities to provide a fix. We will try our best to triage and offer a work around if possible.

Given, the open source components we use are quite popular, hence, have active communities and many a times fixes are proactive. Our warranty includes Crux LX Base Unit, Power Adaptor, micro SD card, and GSM Dongles purchased from Crux Labs, subject to normal and indicated product use.

IMPORTANT: The micro SD card shipped with Crux LX is non-transferable and non-interchangeable. It should never be removed from its slot. Any deviation or tampering against this policy will void warranty.

Location of Warranty: We currently settle carry-in warranty in-country in Singapore and Bangalore in India, but in other parts of the world, you may have to ship it to Singapore or Bangalore and back, at your own expense.

We are working with global distributors to find a way to ease this as quickly as we can.

What is your return or refunds policy?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds or returns at this time. Contact us to help you make an informed buying decision by assessing your requirements accurately and advising about suitability of Crux LX for your need. The Demo capability can also be utilized to get first hand experience as a live user on it.