January 24, 2018 admin

Successfully funded on Kickstarter! Now 1 in 26 Hardware ideas from Singapore

January 2018 has been off to a great start for Crux Labs. While we successfully funded on Kickstarter on Jan 18 with 145% subscription, we have also started making in-roads into partnering opportunities.

In addition and in continuation of our winning streak on Kickstarter, we have launched Crux LX on IndieGoGo on Jan 24 as an “in-demand” project. This way IndieGoGo community members, and others interested in Crux Labs, who missed the last opportunity, can continue to pre-book Crux LX at the attractive price for next 45 days.


Crux Labs investments in future:

1) We are partnering with an ERP software company in Singapore to host their ERP for automobile industry, on Crux LX, hence co-creating an appliance that does not depend on internet or cloud.

2) We are in talks with a large (well known) Japanese manufacturer, for their robotics based automation division. We are exploring to embed Crux LX to voice enable the robots.

3) We are close to win our first government client in Singapore.

4) We will be joined by 6 NTU current MBA students, who are excited about Crux LX, and are exploring to represent us in campus start-up competitions.

5) In the coming month or so, Crux LX will also be available for immediate online purchase without requiring a pre-booking.

6) We are putting together a design and development offering where clients (individuals and businesses) will be able to submit an idea and Crux Labs will provide a hardware and software prototype, with an option to mass produce it at economies of scale.

We are super excited about 2018 and shaping many of the ideas. We are also looking forward to seeing more clients use Crux LX, share feedback and draw maximum benefit from our innovation!

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