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Best in class. Remote-ready.
Business Phone and Call Center solution.

No more missed business by missing calls! With Crux as your phone system, your staff gets wings – productivity & customer experience zooms and your monthly phone bill cuts by up to 50%


Crux is loved by SME business owners globally

Over 10,000 office users and call center agents worldwide use Crux to make and receive customer calls

Token Features

All about Crux LX

Crux LX Features

Find all about Crux LX features, specifications, comparison with different telecom technologies,
and try a live demo by requesting passkeys to a demo unit, before making a buying decision.


Crux LX is a small palm-sized device, yet it packs enterprise features that are useful for SMB.


Support for a wide variety of codecs, configurations, networks, wired and wireless possibilities.


Telecom technologies are complex. But, we have made the tech and its comparison pretty simple.


Token Features
Token Architecture

Compelling Advantages

Crux LX Benefits

Easy – Cost Effective – Amazing! – Cute – Bloody Awesome!
This is how our clients describe Crux LX.

Smart & Modular Device

Configure as a router or a network client in existing wireless or wired networks. Interconnect branch offices or connect larger number of users with one or multiple units.

Easy to Deploy & Manage

Pre-configured for common use as Router & IP-PBX to make deployments super easy. GUI-based portal, simple navigation, drag-drop functions make management a breeze.

Integrated & Cost Efficient

Integrates with industry solutions with ease. One-time purchase. Perennial cost savings in call charges, rentals and features. Never miss a call when not in office or on the move.

As seen on

TelecomAsia News

Crux LX is a collaboration solution designed as a simplified, low-cost alternative to unified communication systems.

Dylan Bushell-Embling
Dylan Bushell-Embling

Online News Editor

Restorative Innovation

We are in awe of Crux LX’ impact and use of open-source systems to craft a green-product that is efficient, innovative and very cost effective.

Kimmy Paulino
Kimmy Paulino

Head, Community & Marketing

TMC Unified Communications News

Crux Labs product offering is capable of supporting the mom and pop shop on the corner, as well as the sprawling SMB or the large enterprise.

Maurice Nagle
Maurice Nagle

Web Editor

Electronics For You (EFY)

Today’s SMB require investments in digital communication methods. Crux LX is a cost-effective, user-friendly and easy-to-maintain solution.

Paromik Chakraborty
Paromik Chakraborty

Technology Journalist

Latest updates & news

Our Blog

Gather the latest and greatest from our end.

Token Architecture
The Founders

Frequently Asked Questions


This list captures answers to some of the common questions. Contact us for anything else.

How does Crux LX work?

Crux LX is a plug-and-play device as it comes pre-configured for most common needs. It just needs to be powered on, and like any other Access Point (AP) or router, its wireless radio or SSID (as described on the box) is available for devices to connect. For it to connect to internet it needs a wired ethernet (RJ45) connector coming from your cable or fiber modem, as you would with any other AP or router. For voice communication, Crux LX acts like a SIP server. To start making calls, you could download any of the SIP client application or softphone application that accepts three inputs: Extension number, Password and IP Address of Crux LX. These three credentials allow a SIP client to register with Crux LX and you are ready to call one another!

How many users can each unit of Crux LX device manage?

Each Crux LX unit can connect up to 250 users though one can configure thousands of extensions on a single unit, if the unit is being used only as an IP-PBX and not as a data router. Browsing needs and patterns can be very different, especially if audio visual content is permissible. The limiting factor however is the expected concurrency. Each Crux LX unit can support up to 20 concurrent conversations. However, you may require multiple Crux LX devices if you expect to connect more than 250 users or require more concurrency. You may also require some additional access points to span the space to connect large number of users who may have a mixed usage (Crux LX as well as regular browsing needs).

Does Crux LX require internet?

Internet is not a requirement for Crux LX when operating autonomously, say for example when Crux LX is being used as a Wireless Intercom. However, when SIP trunks or multiple Crux LX devices are to be inter-networked to connect multiple branch offices, then internet will be required and quality / bandwidth of internet connection will be of importance. It will play a significant role in quality of voice and service delivered by Crux LX for communication over such channels. You may also require some additional networking components based on such use cases.

How much area does the WiFi radio on Crux LX cover?

Crux LX has a circular internal antenna. In our tests, beta trials and few customer deployments, the coverage ranges between 20 – 30 meters spherical radius. However, wireless signal can vary drastically based on construction and use of glass and metal. Typically scaling beyond one floor above or below, or 10,000 square feet of horizontal space will require additional Wireless Repeaters or Access Points. Crux LX pairs well with D-Link DIR-816 which is an inexpensive router (retails for $40-50) that works well as a repeater that provides good ground coverage and well suited for this use.
The Founders
Advisors and Investors

Rich with Experience

The Team

Leaders from top tech companies with experience in making, selling and supporting new products.


Rohit Gupta

Founder & CEO (Singapore)


Preeti Gupta

Advisor & Investor (Singapore)


Zarina L. Stanford

Mentor & Investor (US)


Davis C. George

Mentor & Investor (India)


Shrikant Shitole

Investor (India)


Ramesh Datla

Client & Investor (India)


Sunil Pillai

Investor (India)


Sumesh Kumar Garg

Client & Investor (India)


Bala Chandrasekaran

Client & Investor (Singapore)

Advisors and Investors
Token Roadmap


Progress & Roadmap

This is a high level progress and roadmap of Crux LX from development to where it is headed.

Q1 2017

Crux LX 0.1 Alpha Release

First release of Crux LX with UC functionality
Basic networking capabilities
Unsuccessful pilot. Enormous learning!

Q3 2017

Beta Release and Trials

Improved network stack after learning from Alpha
Beta trials carried out with 10 clients
Deployed 12 units across India and Singapore
60% of units bought by clients!

Q4 2017

Crux LX 1.0 on Kickstarter

Crux LX tested on Kickstarter
First time, launched and failed miserably
Re-launched to succeed in 11 days; Raised 150%
First b2b hw tech to succeed from Singapore

Q1 2018

Competitive Win & IMDA Registration

Added SIP security and protection
Registered with IMDA in Singapore
Diabetes Singapore LIVE on Crux LX

Q2 2018

Launch at ConnecTech Asia

First event participation for Crux LX
500+ interested visitors
Partnerships and sales at the event!

Q3 2018

Certified by Singtel

Validation by Singapore's largest telco
Improved product deployment

Q4 2018

Partnerships, SIP security & GTM

Added simple yet effective SIP security support
Added call accounting & analytics capabilities
Added satellite communication capabilities
Started building reseller network

Q1 2019

Micro Server & Video Support

Added micro-server capabilities
Added support for Video Calls
Enhanced SIP security capabilities

Q2 2019

Prototype of Crux VX

Created prototype of Crux VX - the next gen
Exploring adding support for SSD upto 1TB
Integration with more CRMs

Q3 2019

Launch of Crux LX in India

GR of Crux LX in Bangalore!

Q1 2020

General Release of Crux VX

Expect more capacity
Expect more telephony capabilities
Expect larger internal storage

Q3 2020

Prototype of Crux ZX

Prototype of Crux for consumer market offering
4G/5G capabilities over VoLTE
Multi-band and multi-channel
Simplified enough for use at home!

Q1 2021

General Release of Crux ZX

Expect a simplified Crux for home segment users
Wireless Router, NAS and much more
IOT-hub for home

Token Roadmap

Enhancing Capabilities

Collaboration & Partnerships

We are enhancing our capabilities by offering integrations with other world-class offerings from around the world.
And we’re just getting started.

TelCAAP™ from Eastcom Systems is the industry leading web-centric call accounting solution for enterprises.

TelCAAP™ enables Crux LX with vital call analytics and billing capability, making it a powerful solution for small Hotels which require per-user billing.

NiAT is a satellite communications service provider fully licensed for VSATs, satellite phones & airtime packages.

This collaboration makes it possible to have SIP trunking and high-end PBX capabilities in maritime and remote areas where internet isn’t available.

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Global Coverage

Our Reach

Our clients are spread across continents and the list of telcos we are partnered with is growing.
Hover over the map to find more and contact us to locate a partner in your city.


Solution Partners

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