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March 6, 2018 admin

Registered with IMDA; DS Helpline Live; Best Idea by NTU-NBS; Top25 BECON

Continuing the positive streak from January 2018, February will be remembered in history of Crux Labs, as we implemented Diabetes Singapore’s national helpline in Singapore using Crux LX (+65 6916 1390).

This month we also successfully registered Crux LX with IMDA and received the Telecom Dealer licence that allows us to sell registered telecom products in Singapore.

Info-communications Media Development Authority

In February, we had four different tracks of discussions with small to large organizations that are interested in Crux LX and exploring ways to use Crux LX as a building block alongside their solutions or contemplating partnership.

Crux Labs was selected in the 25 start-ups for the Startup Expo as part of BECon event organized by IIT Delhi Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC). On a similar note, six NTU-NBS MBA candidates, associated with Crux Labs as externs, won the Best Idea award for Crux LX back in school when they presented the business case.

We hope for a terrific March ahead! Following are few activities in pursuit that we are looking forward to completing.

  1. Listing on vendor directory that will allow us to sell into the VWOs in Singapore
  2. Initiation and/or completion of few pilots or proof-of-concepts
  3. Discussions with potential candidates to expand our team
  4. Client Wins / Partnerships / Investments

Stay tuned for more.

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