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September 1, 2018 admin

South Asia’s leading electronics magazine interviews Crux Labs clients

When Rahul Chopra, Chief Editor – Electronics For You (EFY), fixed up a meeting with us at our booth in ConnecTech Asia 2018 in Singapore, little did we know what they meeting would culminate into.

For the uninitiated, EFY started as a print magazine back in 1969 and some of us who have been clued to electronics and computers and IT, have literally grown up reading this magazine in India.

Looking at the pocket-sized product and the client successes we had established, Rahul was very intrigued and showed interest to gather from the clients about their telephony challenges and how did such a tiny (some even call it “Cute”) product solve so many different challenges for them.

Over the next month and a half, two senior journalists, Nirmeesh Kumar and Paromik Chakraborty, interacted with two of our clients – Elico Ltd (Hyderabad, India) and Diabetes Singapore (Singapore), that found mention in SmartWorld and StartupZone sections of the EFY magazine.

Pocket Size Device Solves Telephony Issues for Diabetes Singapore

Crux LX: A Unified Communications Platform For Small And Medium Businesses

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