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Case Study - Diabetes Singapore

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This Case Study captures details around successful deployment of Crux LX at Diabetes Singapore (DS) in Feb 2018. Crux LX is able to unify communication across voicemails, landlines and mobile devices across locations for DS. Just one Crux LX unit sufficed to manage up to 250 users and 20 concurrent calls, making DS communication system easy to use and cost-efficient, while providing an improved experience to their patients and channel partners.

Diabetes Singapore is a non-profit organization and a Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO) that has 3 centres and a mobile van. Diabetes is a long-term illness and according to industry estimates, in Singapore, one out of nine people aged 18 to 69 are diabetic. DS aims to increase awareness of its programs and expand its outreach, while at the same time reduce their operating costs. The communication system at various DS centers operated in isolation and did not allow cross-location collaboration. This prevented DS from providing patients a comprehensive view of its offerings across all of their locations. 

Crux LX as a solution has given a common communication platform between DS centres, mobile van and remote staff, that improves their reach, provides seamless access and delivers an improved experience to their patients and channel partners.

Small and medium sized businesses like DS require cost-effective collaboration solutions that can facilitate easier communication and better connection internally and with customers but does not burden them with a need for an inhouse IT team or create expensive vendor dependencies to manage such a solution. Current unified communication solutions involve either a high cost of acquisition or high monthly rentals with incremental feature cost. Hence, the involved complexity and costs make such solutions unattractive for SME.

This case study presentation has been jointly created by Diabetes Singapore and Crux Labs.

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