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How does Crux work?

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Crux is a plug-and-play device as it comes pre-configured for most common needs for both Unified Communications, PBX and Networking. It just needs to be powered on, and connected to network (LAN/WLAN) with a static LAN IP. Nothing else needs to be configured in your LAN or firewall for Crux to work internally inside your office. For it connect to remote users (when working from home or remotely), there a few port forwarding rules that need to be configured one-time for users to connect from outside office.

A quick reference guide is available for download from our website using which you can easily start distributing the 100 pre-configured extension numbers to users. For voice communication, Crux acts like a SIP server. To connect to this and start using voice, you could download any of the SIP client application or softphone application that allows you to input three key data points:

  1. Extension Number as username
  2. Extension Secret as password
  3. IP Address / DDNS of Crux as Domain / Host Name / SIP Server

These three credentials allow a SIP client to register with Crux and you are ready to call one another.

Posted : 25/01/2021 1:39 am
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