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What Softphone Apps / Deskphones does Crux support?

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Crux can work with any open-SIP (non-proprietary) IP phone (tested in lab with Grandstream, Fanvil, AudioCodes, Linksys, Poly, Yealink, Sangoma/Digium and Avaya)  as well as any softphone apps like GS Wave, Linphone, Zoiper, GroundWire, X-Lite (now called Bria Solo), Jitsi, CSIPSimple, etc. We recommend GS Wave and Linphone given their tidy interfaces and capability to integrate chat and video calling through the same interface. Crux has also been successfully tested with SIP Video Door phone for access control as well as extendible extension panels for receptions. Theoretically, Crux supports SIP/SDP protocols, hence, unless the SIP device is proprietary, any open SIP device should work with Crux.

Topic starter Posted : 25/01/2021 1:35 am