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What is the warranty on Crux?

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Crux comes with 1-year “carry-in” warranty on the hardware from invoice date. We provide repair or replace warranty usually honored within 24 hours. There are no warranties on the software as we largely use open-source and dependent on communities to provide a fix, though we try our best to triage and offer a work around asap, if possible.

Given the open source components we use are quite popular, fixes from the active communities are usually proactive. Our warranty includes Crux Base Unit, Power Adaptor, micro SD card / SSD, and other equipment purchased from Crux Labs, subject to normal and indicated product use.

Location of Warranty: We currently settle carry-in warranty in-country in Singapore and Bangalore in India. In other parts of the world, you may have to ship it to Singapore or Bangalore. The cost to ship back the replacement unit will be borne by Crux Labs. That said, we are in the process of establishing our distributor network so that can provide in-country support in other countries as well. Stay tuned for more news on this.

IMPORTANT: The microSD card shipped with Crux is non-transferable and non-interchangeable across units. Hence, it should never be removed from its slot. Any deviation or tampering against this policy voids warranty.

Posted : 24/01/2021 9:30 pm