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Crux VX –

The Cost-Efficient Call Centre Solution for SMEs

Crux allows you to build your own call centre solution in a matter of minutes. Connect Crux to your SIP trunks, add agents and you are ready to go! What’s more? Your call centre agents and supervisor need not be co-located. Combine this with a live dashboard and advanced reporting features and you have an all-in-one contact centre solution in a box.


Here is why Crux is the only Call Centre solution your business will ever need!

Focus on price, performance and quality

Optimize team performance while maintaining quality

Crux not only records all the interactions i.e. incoming calls, missed calls, faxes, and outgoing calls that go through it, but it also keeps track of agent performance categorized by day, week and month so that you have a good idea of what’s working and where improvement may be needed.

  • Agent specific call reporting and analytics to measure how your agents performed and if the processes need improvement.
  • Assign SLA targets and measure them against the actual performance of agents and teams created within Crux system.
  • Real-time dashboard helps floor supervisors to monitor your team’s performance live, see who are on call and with which customers, allowing them to barge-in or listen and whisper to help team members during a call as required.

Missed call is missed business

With Crux, you will never miss a customer call!

Crux Auto Attendant (IVR) and Auto Call Distribution capabilities make sure that all calls from customers are routed, queued and distributed to the right team based on rules that your business warrants.

  • Condition-based call distribution, to ensure that every customer is connected to the right team in shortest time.
  • Customizable multi-level IVR, to allow customers to choose who they want to talk to.
  • Unlimited extensions, to make sure that all your team members have a number they can be reached on.

Flexible yet secure

Enterprise-grade security and customizability

Crux software makes use of Asterisk, an open-source telephony framework. This means that everything that you see from dashboards to reporting can be customized in accordance with your requirement.

  • Secure Database – All your client data resides locally within the closed environment of your Crux hardware and secured using top of the line algorithms making sure your data remains secure and private all the time.
  • Built using a highly customizable open-source Asterisk system which allows you to integrate Crux into any CRM, ERP or third-party CTI-compliant solution easily using REST APIs.

Move to an enterprise-grade

on-premise Call Centre and Office Phone System now!